AACC Partner Wins Global Award for Leadership Program Center for Workforce Solutions* Partners with University of Maryland Faculty Physicians

Pictured: From left to right: Scot Shaffer, Project Coordinator (CWS, AACC); Janis Siegel, Workforce Development Consultant (CWS, AACC); Joyce Phillip, Chief Human Resources Officer (FPI);  Angela Wilson, Associate Director of Learning and Organizational Development (FPI)

Anne Arundel Community College’s Center for Workforce Solutions* partnered with University of Maryland Faculty Physicians (FPI) to develop and deliver its award-winning FPI Leadership Foundations program.  This program received a global award as the number one Leadership Program in the non-profit category  by HR.com and Leadership Excellence Magazine. Other awardees included on this prestigious list include Allstate Insurance, General Motors and Harvard Business Publishing.

The format included participants learning all aspects of the business functions of FPI taught by FPI’s executive leadership team and a cross-functional strategic business assignment.  AACC’s Center for Workforce Solutions was contacted by FPI to partner specifically in the areas of leadership competency-based instruction, executive reinforcement sessions, measuring learning outcomes, and certification.

This six-month program targeted mid to high-level managers who are performing successfully in their roles and who demonstrate potential to move to the next level.  The Leadership Foundations Program has held two cohort sessions and graduated 27 participants.

Joyce Phillip, Chief Human Resources Officer and Angela Wilson, Associate Director of Learning and Organizational Development at FPI said they are “proud of the partnership with AACC’s Center for Workforce Solutions* and the process which helped FPI create an award-winning leadership program.”

HR.com announced winners in 11 categories: large company, international company, midsize company, small company, international leadership partner and provider, larger leadership partner and provider, midsize leadership partner and provider, small leadership partner and provider, educational institution, nonprofit organization, and government/military organization.

Center for Workforce Solutions* at Anne Arundel Community College offers customized and creative strategies to resolve business challenges, providing training solutions and services to give organizations a competitive edge. For information about services and training, visit http://www.ctgaacc.com


*(now Corporate Training Group)

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