Resuscitate Leadership Development in Healthcare

The aging population, healthcare reform and the shortage of engaged healthcare workers is creating “the perfect storm”.  Are you sure you are creating the leaders your organization needs today and for tomorrow? Is on-the-job leadership performance improving? Is your employee engagement on the rise?  Are your patient satisfaction ratings where you want them to be?  Are you retaining your best employees?  What else can be done???

Becoming a great leader is a continuous learning process, not just a series of training events.  Why? Because that is how our brains are wired.  Neuro-science proves that we forget more than 50% of what we learn after just 1-day, if there is no practice or immediate use. (NTL’s Learning Pyramid)

learning pyramid

Participants’ learning improves substantially by what happens before and after the “training events”.  Here are a few ideas:

Before the training event:
1.    Collaborate with a sample of participants and their supervisors so the training is relevant and they have ownership
2.    Use a scenario-based leadership assessment to identify leadership competency gaps for each individual participant
3.    Provide the participants and their supervisors with the training objectives and a few questions to think about/ ask in the session
4.    Have an inspirational program kick-off meeting
5.    Survey participants and their supervisors on current performance before the training program.  (the baseline)

After the training event:
1.    Have the participants complete and share their individual development plan- they own their success
2.    Coach the participants’ supervisors by summarizing the learning highlights and providing tips for them to coach a specific leadership competency and identify stretch assignments so the participants can practice the competencies as they perform their “regular work”.
3.    Give the cohort of participants a team project of significant value to the organization
4.    Survey the participants and their supervisors on demonstrated performance/ job behaviors 60-days after the program and analyze if leadership performance improved.
5.    Provide a program of daily on-line micro-learning reinforcement
Not enough time or resources to do all of this on your own?  Contact Anne Arundel Community College’s Corporate Training Group to be your partner in performance improvement.


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