Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

According to a recent survey of more than 500 learning and development professionals conducted by Training magazine and Wilson Learning Worldwide, developing leaders closely correlates with market performance. The next generation of leaders must lead in a more complex, more global and more collaborative work environment. Is your organization ready? Why not? What is most critical to successful leadership development? The survey says…

1. Organizations do not have sufficient resources to develop leadership and they lack sufficient leadership bench strength, but what differentiates the high performing organizations?

  • Top executives set expectations for participation in leadership development. They are involved in kick-off meetings, they publicly acknowledge that leadership is a critical competitive advantage and they actually teach or lead leadership development sessions
  • High performers use 360-feedback tools, virtual networks and partner with local colleges
  • The greatest differences between high performing organizations and low performing organizations are high performers measure the managers’ perceptions of impact on employees’ leadership skills and use 360-feedback before and after leadership development
  • The most highly-rated learning methods are on-the-job, instructor-led classroom programs and manager coaching. The least effective methods are open-source programs, learning libraries and self-paced print materials.

2. The skills most needed by the next generation of leaders- COMMUNICATION- writing, having difficult/ critical conversations and public speaking. Behind communication skills, next priority need is for skills to coach and develop others.

Are your leaders ready for their future? “The future of your organization may depend on it.”

If your organization isn’t happy with being “an average performer”, contact Anne Arundel Community College’s Corporate Training Group, an affordable provider of these type of high performing leadership development programs for more than 5 years, and provider of results-driven corporate training, leadership development and business support services for over 30 years.


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